Monday, February 12, 2007

This is the Last Time Japablum Asks Its Tai Chi Instructor for Directions

Sensei, we really appreciate what you're doing. We don't understand it, but we appreciate it. We've only been coming to this class for a few weeks and, you know, slow learners and all that. You want that we should search inside ourselves or something, right? Or search outside ourselves? Are we close?

Anyway, all we asked was where the closest ATM is. Honestly, your silence and mysterious hand gestures are a little frustrating. Should we go north? South? Downstairs? Up to the roof? Are you inviting us to live long and prosper? What?

Please, sensei. We're not ready to get deep right now. We just need cash. If you can't give us better directions than that, we'll just ask the front desk.

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