Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are You There God? It's Us, Japablum

God, we haven't been in touch in a while. How are you? Anyway, the reason we're calling out to you in a fit of desperate emotional turmoil is because we've been trolling the internet and we've just discovered some truly shocking and upsetting news: you know how Siouxsie Sioux and her husband/drummer Budgie are our fairy godmother and -godfather, respectively? Well, we hear from the internets that they're separating after a quarter-of-a-century together. Could this possibly be true, God? Answer us! We don't want to be a blog of divorce, a latchkey blog, a blog that is forced to spend its weekends with one fairy godparent who will invariably just spend the whole weekend trying to turn us against the other fairy godparent. It just all sounds so horrible, and we'd much rather spend our weekends listening to "Happy House!"

Even worse, Siouxsie has a new album coming out soon--her first solo album ever--and it is her first album in 27 years to not feature Budgie. Flow Our Tears, the Policeman Said. Or something. Anyway, God, can you tell us, is the album gonna rock?

Siouxsie and Budgie. The two coolest Japanophile nerds ever. Separating. We feel, how do you say, 悲しい。 Yes, we feel complete and total 悲しみ。

(Sound of tears bursting forth from eye sockets and dribbling down cheeks.)

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//mish. said...

Sioux, Budgie divorce?! There seems no logical explanation for it! At least now that all the baggage has officially been shredded *tear*, dear Sioux seems to have come alive again! The voice, presentation (i'm shallow like that...), new album, tons of press, wicked live shows. ^_^ With Budgie still drumming thankfully, AND sans the bleach. =O