Monday, July 16, 2007

Newly Crowned Winners of "Japan's Got Talent!" Hope to Record Album, Get a Sitcom

The robot singing and dancing trio Ummei no Imoto no Roboto ("Destiny's Younger Sister's Robot"), new champions of the televised talent competition "Japan's Got Talent!", have announced that they hope that they can parlay this win into some lucrative gigs like a record deal, a theme restaurant, and maybe even a sitcom.

The trio, which performed the song "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend (Was a 'Bot Like Me)?" in its final performance before the voting, were made by Kawada Industries, the company that will also negotiate their record contract, endorsement deals, television appearances, Maxim photo spreads, romantic entanglements, and every other aspect of the members of Destiny's Younger Sister's Robot's public lives.

"It's so exciting!" beemed band member TS-1097TY876 at a post-show press conference. "The world has really opened up for us. And even though we can't make any of our own decisions and can be turned off and reprogrammed at any moment by Kawada Industries, the most brilliant company in the history of the world, we think this is just the beginning!"

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