Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today's Display of Visual Kei: Dir en Grey

Today Japablum would like to introduce you to the members of Dir en Grey, a rock band who may have moved on from their earlier flirtations with Visual Kei style but, thanks to the magic of photography and the irresponsible behavior of bloggers (not us!), can be forever pigeonholed as the glammy eyeliner bandits they once were.

Marvel at the jagged, dangerously angular bone structure. Gasp at the underfed, wispy frames. Shed a tear for their deep, dark sadness. Gulp at their choice of album titles (Marrow of a Bone, Despair of the Womb, Vulgar, Macabre, Gauze, Withering to Death). But cheer up, because now they look like this:

All grown up!

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