Friday, January 19, 2007

Tokyo Auto Show Girls Hope They're Allowed to Keep Cowboy Hats, Tassles

Even though they think that the friendly ass-pinching, relentless salivating, furtive requests for them to hug up on each other, and the stink of heavy breathing all around them are payment enough for their participation in this year's extravaganza, these three 2007 Tokyo Auto Show girls, all named Yuki, are really hoping that the event organizers will let them keep the cowboy hats and tassles that are part of their required uniform.

"They are so cute! They should just let us have them." Yuki said. "We've worked so hard, and why do they have to keep it so cold in here?"

"Yes," agreed Yuki. "It's not like we're asking for a free car. Oh look! A Kyodo News Service photographer!" (Making a peace sign with her fingers.) "Cheeeeeeeese!"

"Oh my God, my boyfriend would be so jealous!" rejoined the other Yuki. "He loves tassles."

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