Friday, January 26, 2007

Metro Report: Fearless Salaryman Challenges Godzilla to Duel

In a shocking display of misguided machismo, Taro Yamaguchi, a worker at a Tokyo electronics company, challenged local fire-breathing monster Godzilla to a duel while both were taking in an exhibit at the new National Art Center of Tokyo.

Circling the surprised monster, Yamaguchi was overheard calling him "a filthy lizard" who he, Yamaguchi, is "not afraid of."

Shocked museum-goers watched as Godzilla put down his Boujelais and his rice cracker smeared with brie, stomped on them, and bellowed an incomprehensible rejoinder that one young woman, Yuki Takada, could only describe as "the indecent, unrepeatable words of a very unhappy nuclear reptile."

"Ok, that's it," Yamaguchi replied, as he slammed his briefcase to the floor, removed his eyeglasses, and cleaned them with a soft cloth, with which he then slapped the giant monster on the side of the face. "Pistols at 8, you tired old fool!"

Godzilla, who apparently already had plans at 8, then ignited the ballsy salaryman with one powerful exhalation and went back to browsing the "The Power of Expression, Japan" exhibit.

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