Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Happy Coming-of-Age Day!

Japablum would like to wish both of its readers a Happy Seijin no Hi. This phrase translates to "Coming-of-Age Day" and on this day throughout Japan, young people who have reached the age of 20 celebrate their passage into adulthood by parading around with their friends in kimonos and nice suits to be painstakingly photographed by their families and themselves. They can now legally smoke, drink alcohol, carry concealed portable electronic devices, and get arrested at their coming-of-age ceremonies. Congratulations to them all.

On this day each year, a selection of these newly adult youngsters is selected to be drugged, dragged to an uninhabited island, tagged with metal necklets equipped with cute little explosive devices, and told to kill each other off in an epic battle royale-type activity, the results of which will go on their permanent record. As per the rules, only one can survive into adulthood, so the stakes are pretty high. Good luck to this year's candidates!

And now, a look at what these bright yong hopefuls have to look forward to as they shed their teenage skin and get down to adult business. WARNING: The future's kind of messy. Bring extra tourniquets!

Oh, to be young again........

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