Friday, February 29, 2008

Barack Obama to Also Be Elected President of Small Town in Fukui Prefecture, Japan

We here at Japablum have been struggling with who to support for President in the election this year. While we love Hilary Clinton and kind of relish the idea of her eating the Republicans every morning for breakfast (and hurling them up at lunch), we're preternaturally drawn to Barack Obama, probably because he's so clean and articulate. We love politicians that can speak good. And we can't even count the ways that we love his wife Michelle. Oh my God. That bitch absolutely MUST live in the White House for AT LEAST four years, if only to get fembot Laura Bush's librarian stench off the premises. Imagine what she'd do with the Christmas tree lights!

So, yes, we've been torn, but now, thanks to a tiny little town in western Japan (coincidentally called Obama), we're finally able to make our decision. Yes, Japablum is pleased to announce that, just like the native Obamans, we are endorsing the Barack.

We're just hoping that this doesn't go the way of Obama, Japan's last endorsement, Howard Dean. That was embarrassing.

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